Heading out the Destin Pass? This is a “must read” for all boat owners.

When you are going out the Destin pass, or any pass for that matter, there are several things to take into consideration. Be sure to check the wind, tides, and sea conditions. Always be aware of what the tides are doing. The moon cycle affects the tide drastically. Under a full moon, the tide is stronger than a new moon. Make sure you stay in the channel, and have the appropriate anchor chain and rode. If your boat stalls, make sure you are able to deploy your anchor, to keep the boat off the rocks. In case you need to hail for assistance, make sure your VHF is on the appropriate channel and your antenna is up. Another obvious, but incredibly important point is to be aware of the large charter boats coming in and out of the pass. The combination of rough water conditions and a huge wake from a charter boat can create a treacherous experience.
Mitch Wade – Sunrise Marine Boat Sales

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