“A safety tip you might not think you need”

I think most of the boating population pays attention to life jackets, flares, horns, and fire extinguishers.  The one safety device that saved my life a couple years ago, is the kill switch.  I was leaning over at night while my boat was in gear.  I had the kill switch attached to my life jacket.  I always wear my life jacket at night.  I didn’t always connect the kill switch.  I got lucky.  The 5 gallon bucket I was trying to scoop water into caught a wave and I lost my footing.  The motor quit and I was able to scramble back into the boat.  I have no doubt that if it would have stayed in gear, I would have not been able to get back in.  At night, wear a life jacket, and connect the kill switch.  If you run at night a lot, one day it will save your life.

Captain David Barron – Sales

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