Chaparral Warranty Info

The Premier Limited Component Warranty provides comprehensive engine and accessory package protection for your new Chaparral watercraft. This enables you to enjoy your time on the water knowing you are covered against costly repairs for years to come.

Chaparral protects you against the failure of your boat’s major mechanical engine parts for a total period of 5 years. The Premier Limited Warranty even covers you against non-defective engine breakdowns such as engine sensor failures, scored pistons, detonation and lots more.

Chaparral also protects major accessories throughout your vessel for a total period of 5 years. The Chaparral accessory coverage is tailored to the equipment on your type of boat – runabouts, fishing boats and cruisers. It all adds up to real enjoyment and peace of mind.

Head out on the water with the confidence of truly comprehensive extended marine coverage. We’ve got you covered.

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