Early Season Cobia Tactics

During the month of March, Cobia fishing can be hit or miss.  There are some things that I have noticed that will help you score during the first couple of weeks of Cobia season.  The water temperature needs to be at or above 65 degrees, for them to start showing up. This is the “magic” number so to speak.  When you are fishing early in the season, a good strong tidal push is a very good thing.  We don’t usually fish early in the season during little or no tidal movement.  You really need the big three in order to have a legitimate shot at seeing a few fish.  These big three are…Sunshine, Southeast wind, and clean water.  If you can line up all of these factors, and there are people on the boat who can spot them, get ready because there are a lot of big females during the early weeks of Cobia season waiting to pummel and eel or fin bait.

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