Fort Walton Beach to Apalachicola in a World Cat 295 Center Console!

Can we boat year-round? What other places are there to go besides Crab Island and the Destin Harbor? I want to take a ride and stay overnight somewhere, but I don’t have a cabin. I want to boat in the off-season where do I go?

There are so many options for boaters along our waterways! We decided the best way to show people how many amazing destinations we have along the Emerald Coast, is to show you ourselves. In conjunction with this idea we also wanted to introduce the amazing line World Cat Offshore Catamarans.

World Cat makes boats that handle the chop like no other. Once you ride in a Cat you will understand. Fishermen have known for years that a Catamaran is the best boat for a smooth ride in choppy conditions. World Cat offers boats that are perfectly suited for more than fishing. Allow us to introduce you to the World Cat 295 Center Console.

2017 World Cat 295 Center Console Offshore Catamaran

Stay tuned for more posts about our trip from Fort Walton Beach to Apalachicola!


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