It’s almost Cobia season! How can you get ready?

Gear up for Cobia!

The 2015 Cobia season is approximately 90 days away. Now is the time to spool up, and service rods and reels for the Spring. Most anglers prefer an 8ft. to 9ft. rod with a large spinning reel, capable of holding over 180 yards of 30 lb. test monofilament. The drag should be smooth. Check the guides on their rods for nicks or cracks. When there’s the possibility of a 100 lb. fish on the end of a line, everything must be perfect.

Go ahead and perform normal maintenance to the boat before Cobia season starts.

Here are some pre-season maintenance checks and tasks. Change impellers, clean water strainers, change gear oil, change engine oil, service trailer bearings, and check live well pump. It is always easier to get your boat in for service in the off season than in the peak season. A little planning ahead will get you on the water faster.

It’s important to remove the buggy top and outriggers prior to the season. Check the upper station steering and throttle controls. Make sure everything is running properly.

The most important aspect of Cobia fishing is having a good crew. Anglers must be able to see the fish, and act quickly and efficiently. Make sure everyone on board has a good pair of polarized glasses, and a good hat to block out the sun’s rays.

Once you spot a fish, hook and fight it to the boat, you need a good gaff and someone who knows how to use it. I like to gaff the fish and bring it over the rail, right into the fish box or cooler. Loose fish on the deck can be very dangerous. Cobia have large needle-like spines by their dorsal fins, that can cause harm to anglers and/or the boat.

The annual Cobia migration starts in March and runs through the end of May.

Alright anglers, GEAR UP AND GET OUT THERE!

Editorial Content provided by Capt. Chris White, New & Used Boat Sales – Sunrise Marine. Capt. Chris has been fishing and guiding in our local waters for over 15 years.



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