It’s time for Cobia!

March means it is time once again to start looking for Cobias.  I have been fortunate enough to spend many seasons tournament Cobia fishing with Ande Block and Chris Wagner on the private vessel the Full Pull.  They win tournaments, and have the formula for consistently placing and more often than not, winning the major month long tournaments.
I would like to share a couple things that I have learned while fishing aboard the Full Pull.  There is a mentality on that boat that if you go early, and stay late, you catch more fish.  There are many things to write about here, but that is the bottom line.  One more pointer that I can share is that you need to fish in the sun if possible.  If it is cloudy or foggy way down west, (from Destin)
we stop short or go to the east.  You always try to find the sunshine.  Last but certainly not least, fish in close when the high tide “push” is happening.  If high tide is at 1:00 pm, the “push” will be around 10:00 to 11:00 am.  We fish in tight during the push.  Good luck and make sure your tackle is in perfect condition.  You never know when you will run into an 80+ pounder.
Captain David Barron
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