Ready to sell your boat? Let us do all the work!

Are you ready to upgrade/downgrade? Do you want to sell your boat? Hire a professional to do the work, just like you would with anything else.

Here at Sunrise Marine, we have a long history of buying, selling, repairing, testing, transporting, advertising, and evaluating boats. There is a lot to the boat business, and we know it best. We sell approximately 400 boats a year. Imagine how many trades, brokered and consigned boats we get. TONS!

Where are you going to find the highest volume of people looking to buy a boat? Here at Sunrise Marine. We devote an enormous amount of money and time to advertise our boats on the internet and in many other mediums. We are active on 8 social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. We are also on,,,, and many more. We consistently have top ranking on Google as well as Yahoo and Bing.

We advertise to buyers all over the country with an emphasis on the southeast. We attend local boat shows, and have billboards across Northwest Florida. Our advertising efforts are also global with many boats purchased from, and shipped overseas.

At Sunrise Marine we know boats, and we know how to fit the right boat with the right buyer. It’s not just about the sale here. We take a moment and interview each customer to find out exactly what boat is right for them. Do they want to fish? What kind of fishing, off-shore, in-shore, both? What about watersports? Do they travel with their boat?

Does your boat need to be detailed or fixed before it can be sold? Your punch list will be part of our initial discussion. We want the boat to sell just as much as you do.

Once a buyer shows interest in your boat, we continue to do all the work. We will negotiate on your behalf, get them financed, sea trials, deposits, shipping, etc…. We handle it all. All you have to do is get paid! We have access to over 12 different financial institutions and make financing a breeze for the new buyer. Is your boat less than 5 years old? There may be some warranty left on the engine or hull. Let us find out!

Of course the store is the absolute best place for your boat to be, because of the foot traffic we get. Can’t bring the boat to the lot? Do you need it to stay at your home, marina, or storage barn? We can sell it from wherever it sits.

We are strategically located just 1/2 mile west of Hurlburt Field on Highway 98. Approximately 47,000 cars drive past our location every day. We are also centrally located minutes from 3 of the busiest boat ramps in Northwest Florida.

The boat business is our profession and we are great at it. Let us do the legwork to sell your boat.