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Heading out the Destin Pass? This is a “must read” for all boat owners.

When you are going out the Destin pass, or any pass for that matter, there are several things to take into consideration. Be sure to check the wind, tides, and sea conditions. Always be aware of what the tides are doing. The moon cycle affects the tide drastically. Under a full moon, the tide is stronger than a new moon. Make sure you stay in the channel, and have the appropriate anchor chain and rode. If your boat stalls, make sure you are abl... Read More

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Vessel Safety Check

     The U.S. Coast Guard would like to see all vessels in compliance with equipment requirements and safely operated.  If you are uncertain about the safety requirements for your vessel, one way to make sure you are in compliance is to schedule a Vessel Safety Check, offered as a free public service by the US Coast Guard.  Qualified examiners will come to your vessel and conduct a courtesy examination.  Those vessels that pass will be awa... Read More

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Pensacola Boating Safety Class

Pensacola Sail and Power Squadron is sponsoring a boating safety class Saturday to educate boat and watercraft owners about rules, laws and regulations. The class will cover a wide array of topics, including Florida boating laws, anchoring, navigation rules and trailering. The course meets the state educational requirements for boater identification. The class is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Room 3410 at the Pensacola Junior College Warrington ... Read More

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You make your kids wear a life jacket when boating and swimming but what about your dog? Dozens of dogs are lost each year from drowning due to panic, exhaustion, and cold water immersion.   We know that dogs can swim, after all, that’s where we get the term “doggy paddle” from, but just like your kids, your dog can get tired and this could be dangerous in the water. A dog life vest will help keep him/her afloat should he/she tir... Read More

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