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What is a bowrider?

There are so many "classes" of boats these days. How do you know what you want? I want to play, not fish. I like to fish, but I want a boat I can take the family on and play around. Well, my friend, you need a bowrider! Wikipedia tells us the definition of a bowrider is, "A bow rider or bowrider is a type of boat which has a seating area in the bow, the forward part of the ship. Bow riders are generally designed for recreational use such as da... Read More

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Why fill out the CSI survey after boat purchase?

Another survey? I am so tired of filling these out! That is what most of us say when we get one in the mail. There are 2 very important things going on with a CSI survey. One is a report card on how the dealership performed during and after the purchase. The other has to do with the actual boat. You are giving a report card on the vast planning, engineering, and effort put into the design and build of the boat. Let's take a moment to explain why... Read More

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Why buy a Cape Horn?

There are a lot of offshore center console fishing boats on the market these days, and Cape Horn is one of them. Cape Horn Boats are built one hour northwest of Destin Sunrise Marine, in Milton, Florida. Cape Horn is a family owned and run business, and has been since day one. Decades of boat building have placed Cape Horn among the best boat builders in the world. They keep it simple with exceptional engineering and materials. You will not fi... Read More

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Think Boating is too expensive? Think again.

Think boats are too expensive? Let's put it in perspective. One of my friends recently went snow skiing, so I asked them, how expensive was it? The answer surprised me. I knew it was pretty pricey, but I had no idea. The overall cost for a family of four to go to Colorado skiing for a week was right around $20,000. This included gear for each person (pants, jacket, helmet, goggles, under garments, and gloves), lodging, food, lift tickets, air far... Read More

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Why should you use a dealer to sell your boat?

Are you ready to upgrade/downgrade? Do you want to sell your boat? Hire a professional to do the work, just like you would with anything else.Here at Sunrise Marine, we have a long history of buying, selling, repairing, testing, transporting, advertising, and evaluating boats. There is a lot to the boat business, and we know it best. We sell approximately 400 boats a year. Imagine how many trades, brokered and consigned boats we get. Where are y... Read More

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Cleaning and Preserving Your Investment!

We all know that we need to take care of our boats, but do you really know how to extend the life of your investment? Here are some suggestions from our own John Sexton. John has been with Sunrise Marine since 2002, and he knows boats! *When you return from the water, the #1 task is RINSE, RINSE, RINSE! Not only your boat, but your trailer, and tow vehicle. Saltwater is very hard on your equipment. RINSE, RINSE, RINSE. *Prevent Corrosion? T... Read More

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