What the heck is the Vortex Challenge?

Chaparral Boats created the Vortex Challenge for one simple reason: So you could sort fact from fiction when it comes to buying a jet boat. We’re taking a straight talk approach. You don’t need any spin. Trust us, jet boats are not created equal. Not even close. There are major differences in seat design, cornering, reverse, top-speed, handling and maintenance. An informed decision is a wise decision. Do your homework. Ask questions. Use common sense. Judge for yourself. Click to see comparison videos. 

VORTEX5 VORTEX3 VORTEX2 VORTEX1 chaparral-Vortex-243VRX-ASP-surfing 04-16 chaparral-Vortex-243VRX-ASP-surfing 03-16

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