Why are Bay Boats so popular these days?

The boat market is making yet another turn. What is all the talk about? Well, let me give you an idea. Bay Boats! Let’s run through a list of benefits.

Bay boats have incredible range. Do you want to fish deep into the back country? A bay boat can get you there. They have a large fuel capacity and are extremely fuel efficient.

Can you say….casting deck? Holy cow yes! Bay boats have huge casting decks, large enough for 2 anglers to have plenty of space to roam.

How do Bay Boats perform? Just think of the hull design. These boats are wide and shallow. They skim across the water. Get them up on plane and they feel feather light. The hull design is a direct factor in how fuel efficient they are. Bay boats can easily travel in very little water. Get yourself into those shallows. Add a trolling motor to get into even more shallow spots.

Here at Sunrise Marine, we outfit all of our Bay Boats, whether from Robalo or Cape Horn, with only Yamaha outboard power. Yamaha outboards are dependable, easy to repair, and have a tradition of being the best motors on the market. Outfit your new bay boat with a Minn Kota trolling motor and Power Pole, and you are ready to go!

What about capacity? Bay boats have a nice wide beam and plenty of casting area. Just take a look at the Robalo Cayman series. Robalo Cayman Series Quick Video. We also carry the tough, unsinkable, and beautiful Cape Bay series from Cape Horn. Take a tour of the 23 Cape Bay. These bay boats offer plenty of room for the family also. Like to blast around on a wakeboard etc…., these Bay Boats deliver. Fish in the morning and play in the afternoon. The seating is so comfy you will think you are in a lazy boy.

How about the storage? There is a place for everything! The Robalo Cayman series utilizes every inch to give you live wells, rod storage, and more.  The rod and tackle storage, and live wells, enable anglers to fish for different species throughout the day.

When you think of bay boats, you do not think they can handle the chop. Well, they can. They can handle more than you think.

Bottom line, Bay Boats are not just for shallow fishing. These boats are extremely versatile and well equipped. The next wave in boating is truly the bay boat.

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