Why buy a Cape Horn?

There are a lot of offshore center console fishing boats on the market these days, and Cape Horn is one of them. Cape Horn Boats are built one hour northwest of Destin Sunrise Marine, in Milton, Florida.

Cape Horn is a family owned and run business, and has been since day one. Decades of boat building have placed Cape Horn among the best boat builders in the world. They keep it simple with exceptional engineering and materials. You will not find a lot of fluff on their boats. Cape Horns are built to fish. They are strong, dependable, and unsinkable. When you are 100+ miles offshore, the last thing you need to worry about is your boat.

Unlike other boat manufacturers, Cape Horn is happy just where they are. They build a set amount of boats per year, and that’s it. These are hand built, custom boats and take time. It’s all about the boats and how they can continue to make them the best. Cape Horn’s biggest competition is themselves. It is very rare to find a used Cape Horn.

Take a tour if a 23 Cape Bay

Cape Horns tearing it up off Destin, FL

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Sunrise Marine is Cape Horn’s largest dealer. If a customer goes for a Cape Horn, you can be sure they know their fishing boats. They know when they come to Sunrise Marine, they are dealing with people who know fishing and know Cape Horn. Other boats in this class are very nice yes, but they are not a Cape Horn. Ask any Cape Horn owner how many warranty issues they have had. ….crickets…. Ask a fisherman who owns one of the other, more expensive, offshore fishing boats the same question and you will get a very different answer. Be sure to ask them how long it took to get their boat back from the manufacturer.

Don’t be surprised if you see a Cape Horn while traveling abroad. Cape Horns are shipped to owners around the world. Want to see them in person? Come see us. Want to see how they are made? Give the guys in Milton a call. They are happy to give you a tour. Fish on.


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