Why do you want a Jet Boat?


1. Shallow Drafting: You can go anywhere!

2. Maneuverability: It’s like you are on rails. Talk about acceleration!

3. Closed Loop Cooling System: No salt water going through your engine.

4. Drive Shaft Sleeve: No worries about getting your ski rope caught in the prop.

5. More Horsepower than the competition: Chaparral Vortex Jet Boats offer bigger engine options.

6. Trailer: Chaparral Vortex Jet Boats include a tricked out trailer!

7. Styling: The Vortex is a SWEET looking boat. Major cool factor!

8. Sound System: You have got to hear this stereo! WOW!

9. FUN factor: Are you kidding? The Vortex is a BLAST!

10. Watersports: Game on! Award winning Aerial Surf Platform!

11. No Haggle, Real Deal Pricing: Nobody likes to haggle anymore. Chaparral got together with their dealers and set “nationally advertised pricing.” This pricing is the same nationwide, and does not have a huge markup like our competitors. Come talk to us about it. You will be happily surprised.

Call us to schedule a test drive!

Chaparral Vortex Demo Days!

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